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        CopyRight?2018          江西省中澳食品生物有限公司                贛ICP備15007770號-1              網站建設:中企動力 南昌

        地址:江西省中澳食品生物有限公司;   電話:0795-6241992;   傳真:0795-6241993
        地址:江西省豐城市豐源工業園慧燈路6號   江西省豐城市高新技術產業園區火炬二路7號






        Jiangxi ZhongAo food & Organisms Co.,Ltd.is located in Fengyuan lndustrial Park of Fengcheng city along Gan river.Jiangxi province.Its functionally well dispiayed. With 6667 square meters factory area and complete and scientific flow chart equipments which are very reasonably designed.Our company is mainly dedicated ourseives in producing Non-Dairy Creamer which is widely applied in milk tea,ice cream,solid beverage,bakery,plant creamer powder and canddy processing industry as well as R&D and sales.
        We focus on international customers individual needs and consuming trend and always keeping innovations on research and development when we are putting quality as the frist priority in our production.
        Our company now has 180 employees and 15 of them have more than 10 years technic production experience,18 among them in QA & QC department,110 of them working in production sector.We will continue to introduce more talented people into our team in future,invest more in sector of R & D and quality control to make sure to become top ranking supplier in future!
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